Second-Hand Supercar Advice (Ferrari 360)

Brad Darby gives some handy advice on buying a used supercar, which in this case is the Ferrari 360. He goes t through all the things you should keep an eye out for and some things you should expect when buying a second-hand Ferrari.
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2004 Ferrari 360 Novitec Rosso Review

2004 Novitec Rosso Ferrari 360 Spider
Price: ,000
3.6L 8 cylinder
550+hp 415+ft lbs tq
0-60: 3.7-3.9s
weight: 3400
EPA mpg city/highway: 10/15 mpg

Some say the best two words in the english language are “my ferrari.” It’s the pinnacle of automotive engineering. The prancing horse is widely regarded as a symbol of success and fortune. The beauty and italian craftsmanship behind it make it a ferrari. And twin superchargers make it absolutely mind altering.

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