Nissan 370Z ? Aston Martin Db9 Review photos

Aston Martin db9 review images

Nissan 370Z ?
Aston Martin db9 review
Image by A.Davey
Nope. It’s an Aston Martin DB9 Volante, possibly a ’96. Aston Martins of this or any other model year a rare sight in these parts. Must be from Seattle or California.

I’m sure it performs superbly and has a sexy growl but, geez! The interior sure is plain for a car that goes for north of 0K. It’s probably fitted with Wilton rugs or the like, but who’d notice? How about some lovely wood trim? After all, this isn’t Teutonic muscle.

It was illegally parked.
See review at:…

(The car they tested did have wood trim.)

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