Koenigsegg Race photos

koenigsegg race images

Spring Event. Egg Duo!
koenigsegg race
Image by Niklas Emmerich Photography
Koenigsegg Agera X vs. Koenigsegg CCXR Edition!

What an amazing event today at Weeze Airport! More photos of insane cars coming soon!

Spring Event, Weeze Airport 2014

koenigsegg race
Image by JohnScud
Chevrolet Camaro Mk.I 1969 | Artistic Shoot | Gran Turismo 5

Koenigsegg CCR crashes
koenigsegg race
Image by TheScream
The driver totally locked it up coming into the chicane. What a nub, first corner in a 0k supercar and he can’t turn a corner. Oh, and this wasn’t a race. This was "Murray Walker’s Extreme Machines" just cruising around the track!

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