James Bond's SPECTRE Aston Martin DB10 driven

James Bond's SPECTRE Aston Martin DB10 driven
So my first reaction when offered the chance to drive James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 was to contemplate passing the invitation on to somebody else, and let them “enjoy” two minutes alongside a minder who wouldn't allow them to exceed walking pace. But …
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Aston Martin DBS Volante Shows Up at Track Day, Serious Hooning Ensues – Video
Those who attend track days, or follow these events closely over the web, can confirm Aston Martin are not your usual circuit sight. Sure, Gaydon has a few track-savvy machines, but most of its creations are Grand Tourers aimed at driving below ten out …
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Aston Martin Signed Up for a New Name – the AeroBlade
The upcoming Geneva Motor Show is expected to be the place where Aston will showcase their new discovery. We are still not sure if Aeroblade is a car or a set of aerodynamics designed to make all their future cars zoom past in any driving condition.
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