bmw i8 drive images

bmw i8 drive
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BMW Electrifies Super Bowl XLIX with i8 & i3
bmw i8 drive
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It is chilly and rainy in Arizona for Super Bowl 48 but BMW turned up the heat with their all-electric i3 and hybrid i8 sports car. To add additional flavor to the recipe New England Patriots’ starting corner Kyle Arrington and wife VaShonda Arrington joined the experience for the energetic weekend festivities.

Kyle spent a few days in both vehicles during his activities, which included stops at the Nike Football Super Bowl Hospitality Gifting Suite at the immaculate Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center, the NFL Experience, family outings and dinner with his spouse. Vashonda’s centerpiece moment was raising funds for the Off the Field Player’s Wives Association’s “14th Annual Super Bowl Fashion Show” held at the upscale Scottsdale Fashion Mall. The wives, kids and a handful of former NFL players walked the runway with grace and style. Guests included Holly Robinson Peete, Antonio Cromardie, Steve Young, Kevin Hart and many more. She enjoyed the earthly interior of the i3 and spoke passionately about the need regarding increased sustainability in the world.

The mind is driven by thoughts and fueled by inventive answers. The i3 is 100% pure electric and the i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car, which means its power is sourced from both gasoline and electricity. The i8 is comprised of a Life module and a Drive module. The 3-liter gasoline motor is placed in the rear and the smaller electric engine is housed up front. In addition, the i8 is essentially an AWD vehicle channeling traction from both axles simultaneously but doesn’t utilize the company’s hallmark xDrive system. A few common i8 performance specs include:

•0 to 60 mph = 4.2 seconds
•Top speed = 155 mph (electronically limited)
•Electric only top speed = 75 mph
•Pure electric range = 22 miles

Born electric, the i3 is engineered with BMW’s LifeDrive architecture, which is also structured into two categories, the Life Module and the Drive Module. Comprised of high-strength carbon, the Life Module protects and provides comfort for the driver and passengers. The second platform, the Drive Module, encompasses the electric drive system, the suspension and the HVAC. Since the car is lighter, the liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery (developed in-house by BMW) is smaller and only needs three hours for a full stage-2 (240-volt) charge. Additionally, BMW attempts to use as much renewable energy as possible for the manufacturing process of the carbon fiber i3.

The journey continues towards educating the world on the benefits of going green. BMW is both an innovator and leader in this technology category and has already spearheaded a positive movement. Expect more BMW i products down the line since they have only just begun.

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