Forza Motorsport Wheeler : Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Review

-Rating :
Not bad at all,7.5 out of 10.

-A great :
GT Ferrari that can fit 4 adults inside.

It accelerates very well for a 4 adults carrier.

You got to remember that this is a front engine GT car that was made to fit 4 adults in a great comfort,so you won’t expect the sharp handling like F430,but for what it is,it’s sure has a nice handling.It’s still feels like a Ferrari too.You can tell that form the sharp handling and low end power.I managed to powerslide it.This shows that this car isn’t too serious,which is good.

Styling could be controversial.However,I like the way it looks.The classic headlights,the traditional Ferrari smile,the round headlights,the fastback rear pillar,It’s very Ferrari looking.

The 612 is a great GT car for those who wants to fit adult passengers at the back.You also get the charisma of Ferrari,so It’s still is a Ferrari.
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Autopro review ► blue Ferrari 612 Scaglietti drive by and revs JBR The Walk Dubai Marina

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