Ferrari 599 Race images

ferrari 599 race photos

Porsche | 911 (997) | Sport Classic | HE 110 | Admiralty | Hong Kong | China
ferrari 599 race
Image by Christian Junker | Photography
I have to admit when I took this photo I had no idea how special this 911 actually is until I uploaded it today and got a info right away by Petrolhead96. Thanks a lot for that, I really appreciate!

This Sport Classic is indeed very special! According to Porsche’s wesbite (in German language) a car like this was never built before and will not be build like this again in the future. In fact it’s so special that you need to contact your local Porsche dealer for all the exclusive extras which are available for it.

In total only 250 cars worldwide were built of the Sport Classic!

I reckon this licence plate is referring to "Hello" but this particular plate is already taken on a Ferrari 599!

Have a look at it:

Ferrari 599XX
ferrari 599 race
Image by C6.R
Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Diecast

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