Ferrari 575 M Maranello

Ferrari 575 M Maranello

On the Sachsenring race track former DTM driver Mathias Lauda pushes Ferrari´s long distance runner 575 M Maranello to its limits.
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132744 / 2003 Ferrari 575 Maranello

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When you pay a quarter-million dollars for a Ferrari, you most definitely get something special, and this 2003 575M is simply stunning. The paint, bodywork, fit and finish are spectacular on this car, and there are almost no signs of use. The Rosso Corsa paint is archetypal Ferrari bold, the most perfect red in the universe and applied over the curvaceous 575 sheetmetal as only the Italians can do it. Never injured, repainted, or even rubbed out, it is simply as the factory did it, maintained to perfection by some of the best experts in the industry. Glass, rubber, and other trim is similarly excellent, and even the chin spoiler is virtually unmarked, never having been the victim of a steep driveway apron or parking curb. You want a nice Ferrari? They don’t come any better than this.

A 500 horsepower road car is one thing, but when it bellows and shrieks as only a V12 can, the experience can be life-changing. There are no signs of use under the hood, with those gorgeous aluminum castings in factory fresh condition, trimmed in more bright red paint. That intake in the hood is not just for decoration, but feeds dual throttle bodies much like the ram air cars of the ’60s, although no Detroit V8 ever sounded like this. Never raced or abused, this car has been appropriately exercised and shows modest mileage, which is the right way to maintain a Ferrari, where not driving it is almost as bad as thrashing it.

This one carries a standard 6-speed manual transmission with a traditional Ferrari polished gate for the shifter, and many purists prefer the feeling of rowing their own gears as opposed to the paddle shifters that were also offered on the 575M. A new active suspension serves up a comfortable ride under most conditions, but is capable of firming up to racetrack specifications to fully exploit the performance of this wondrous automobile. The exhaust system has been tuned as carefully as a violin to deliver just the right exhaust note, and massive brakes at all four corners are race car grade. The gorgeous 5-spoke alloy wheels are completely unmarked and wear staggered Michelin Pilot radials.

Inside, the tan leather interior was clearly designed to evoke the patterned upholstery in the Daytona, but with a 21st century spin. Every surface in the car is covered with an expensive layer of natural material, and the tan leather is so buttery smooth you can’t resist running your hands over it. There are almost no signs of wear, again testament to the careful maintenance and use this car has received, and for the most part every surface is as new. Everything works as it should, including the remarkably effective A/C and the stereo sounds awfully good, although nothing can compare with the engine’s soundtrack, I don’t care who you are. The 575M is strictly a two-seater, with the package shelf behind the seats beautifully finished in matching tan leather and delightfully retro belts that recall the fitted luggage that was popular in ’50s and ’60s sports cars.
Full service records are, of course, included with this brilliant Ferrari.

A no compromises supercar? You bet! For a car that can knock on the door of 200 MPH, yet still trundles around town barely above idle with a ride no more firm than a Mercedes SL roadster, it’s astonishing. The original sticker was over a quarter-million dollars in 2003, but is available today for a relative bargain price, particularly considering its exemplary condition. Will this car turn into the next big thing? Probably not. But for an A-train ride that’s instantly recognizable anywhere in the world and performance that seems to break the laws of physics, it’s worth every penny. Call, click, or visit for more information on this stunning Ferrari.

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