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The Ferrari 458 Italia might be one of the world’s best supercars, but it owes its greatness to the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

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When Ferrari engineers set to work on their ultimate mid-engined ‘baby’ supercar, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia was born. In the process, new technology was developed and lessons learnt which all contributed to making the next-generation Ferrari 458 Italia a world-beating supercar. The 430 Scuderia was the first Ferrari with its traction and stability systems fully integrated with its rear electronic differential, featuring adjustable settings via the steering wheel manettino. With 508bhp it still feels hugely fast and it’s more visceral than the 458.

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Video Rating: / 5 reporter Pieter Schoonderbeek driving the rosso corsa Ferrari F430 Spider with 490Hp and a great sounding V8 engine!

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