Driving a Lamborghini Aventador is your best New Year’s resolution

Heart-stopping beauty is your first reason why the car needs to be seen to be appreciated. Photographs, like a delicious menu or beautiful scenery, are good enough to whet the appetite, but do not do full justice to the latest supercar. The Lamborghini Aventador displays its genealogy with passion, and yet presents wholly-new aspects which are divine to behold. Angular yet fluid, the Aventador is an utter masterpiece of style and attention-grabbing presence. Upward-sweeping doors add that legendary sports car touch.


The emotional sound, produced by the engine and exhaust systems of this Lamborghini, as with all of its predecessors, is almost a good enough reason to choose this car when you hire a car in England. The performance which underlies this aural reward is of course without comparison. Achieving 0-62 mph in merely 2.9 seconds is miraculous. When one understands that the 6.5 litre V12 engine produces a staggering 690 nm of torque it reinforces the reasons to choose this car for self-drive hire in 2012.


Why a drive in the Lamborghini Aventador should be on this year’s to-do list is perhaps best exemplified by the feel of the ride you can expect. For a personalised driving experience, you can take the best of the transmission system and make the connection between engine and superb gloss-black five-spoke alloy wheel to suit your perfectly.


The leading-edge Independent Shift Rods transmission allows your commands via the gearbox to be instantly translated into lightweight yet intuitive road holding and movement. Taking advantage of the three Drive Select Modes available enhances your self-drive experience. Choose between Sport, Strada, and Corsa (for track-style driving) to vary for mood and conditions. Pushrod spring and damper suspension create a nimble and lithe ride exclusive of mode, environment or conditions.


The time you spend inside the Lamborghini Aventador is certainly another reason why you should drive one before long. As you melt into the seats, and appreciate the array of technology in front of you from the bush-button start to the gear-change paddle on the steering column, true pleasure is yours. Entertainment does not just come from driving this Italian beauty. Satellite navigation and music for your enjoyment is also available.

Look forward to brighter days with a hot Lamborghini Aventador. And also other stylish Super Car Hire in UK.

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