Bentley Continental GT Drive images

bentley continental GT drive images

Freundlich Deutschland
bentley continental GT drive
Image by T.Phipps Photography
Hey guys! Guess what? Possibly the randomest person on Flickr is back!! Yes, I’ts me!! Well, kinda. I am back, but Flickr isn’t the main thing that is on my mind at the moment. I’ve just spent 10 whole days in the glorious land of Germany, but in 3 weeks time, my exams start. I have to catch up on missed lessons and of course, revise, revise, revise!!! So for a while, I won’t be able to upload as often, or be able to spend as long a time commenting on your photos. So I am very sorry for that!

But, as a slight special series of shizzwazz, I am coming away from the complete and utter randomness and pointing towards the direction of story telling. Well, to be honest, I don’t even know if that made sense, but I’m just saying that my Germany uploadswill have a meaning!!

So I’ll start at the start. Which isn’t actually this photo. This was taken in Wiebaden, one of the greatest cities I have ever visited. But I actually would like to briefly talk about the things I saw on the long journey to Gatwick airport and then on the first day in Germany!! <So here goes!

Oh bollock poop. I’ve just realised.I accidentally deleted the list of cars I saw on my travels. Well, I suppose I better get the old brain cells working a bit more!! Damn.
Well, there was the old Ferrari I saw. I swear, I saw a 250GT SWB, but I really think it must be a fake as who the heck would drive one in Britain? Let alone own one!! That person must have had balls.
Oh, and I saw the normal old Astons. DB9, V8 Vantage. And the normal Bentleys. Continental GT, Flying Spur.
And I really can’t remember many more!!! Aggghhhhh!!! Well, I was travelling on a Thursday morning, so I doubt I saw many nice things. Actually, I can remember seeing pretty much nothing!!!
So in Germany, it was pitch black. Couldn’t see anything, and was just too tired to really do much! So that was the first day of travelling. In my later photos, I will tell you more about my time and, of course, show you more photos!!!

I may have forgotten the cars that I saw, but I certainly haven’t forgotten the main part of my descriptions!!! IT’S QUESTION TIME!!!

1. Have you ever been to Germany? (Easy one for you to start with!!)
2. If yes, what places have you visited in Germany?
3. How good is your memory? Is it any better than mine?? :L
4. Tap Water or Sparkling Water?
5. Have you ever done a Rubik’s Cube?
6. Ferrari or Lamborghini?
7. Tortillas, Enchilladas or Fajitas??? (That question is more hard (lolololol) than important!!)
8. What is the friendliest car owner you have ever had an experience with? Nothing rude or sexual, just friendliness!! 😛

Oh, and of course 9. What do you tink of this photo? Likey, or no likey? Its a change from the normal Wilton House photos, as I’ve actually been doing some real world spotting!! Hope you enjoy!!! Just say anything you like or don’t like about the photo!!! I’ll take it all on board for my next photos, so hopefully everyone will like my stuff!!! :L

And you know what else I’ve forgotten. I’ve forgotten to tell you about the photo!!! Arghakabooja!!
So yeah, this is a Porsche 991 911 Carrera S. With a really nice owner. As you can see, the passenger is waving at me!!! Wooooop!!! And the driver hasd actually slowed down for me to take a shot, then floored it away!! I love it when this happens, as it isn’t a regular occurance!!!
This Porsche was also caught up in a small combo, which I will talk about when I tell you all about the mental city of Wiesbaden!! 😉

I shall end it here guys. I’m sorry for not being on Flickr much, but I hope you can understand just how busy I have been! I am sorry for not replying to some of your FlickrMails, but I hope you enjoy reading about my times in my long descriptions!!

I hope you are all well and hopefully enjoying some hot weather for a change!!

Thank you guys so much for all of the support with the views, comments and things on my latest photos!!! It means a lot that you guys actually take time to read what I say and write back things!!

Tom 😀

Oh, and finally, don’t forget to check out Peter Saunder’ Stream!!! Peter Saunders Photography

Bentley Continental GT Speed, The new 2012_1
bentley continental GT drive
Image by Zsolt Lesti

Bentley Continental GT
bentley continental GT drive
Image by Jason Pier in DC
A beautiful day for a drive through Georgetown, Washington, DC. The new Bentley Continental GT has a W-12 engine, the most compact 12-cylinder engine in the world, making 567bhp and 516ft lb of torque. It makes 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and goes 197mph in this stock form. I even like the color, but would have put different rims on it if it were mine.

Nikon D700 and 24-70mm f/2.8

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