Audi R8: Providing Supercar Performance for the Real World

Conventional wisdom dictates that to own a supercar is to subject yourself to all sorts of discomfort and compromise to enjoy exotic car levels of performance. That used to be true.

That is, until the Audi R8 was born.

The R8 offers supercar performance, but is also infused with the day-to-day luxurious practicality that Audi is known for.

First, you’ll notice that the engine is in the middle of the car for ideal weight distribution and to keep a low center of gravity. And this just isn’t any normal engine. In the R8 5.2, the engine is a screaming 8700 RPM V10 sourced from Lamborghini, capable of producing a spine crushing 525hp and racing to 60MPH in a scant 3.7 seconds. A true 6 speed manual transmission is standard to deliver this power to the wheels, keeping the intimate connection between you and your machine pure.

Audi’s famed Quattro all wheel drive system is standard too, of course, helping the double wishbone aluminum provide outstanding handling whether attacking a racetrack or your favorite road. To harness all of this power, 14.4in 8 piston brakes are fitted on the front, and 14in 4 piston brakes are on the back, waiting for your command to bring the R8 to rest again and again.

Despite the supercar performance, you’ll find the comfort level unlike any other exotic car. Entry and exit are simple affairs thanks to the smart design of the cockpit. Once inside, you’ll find an equally luxurious interior that all other Audi models are known for, including power adjustable Nappa leather seating, navigation system, and automatic climate control. In the off chance you get tired of listening to the 10 cylinder symphony behind your head, you can opt for the Bang and Olufsen sound system to play your favorite tunes in stunning clarity. The R8 is truly a car you can use on a racetrack and enjoy comfortably on your daily commute.

The best part is that Audi puts the same faith in the R8 that it does in all of its other models. The R8 is backed by the same 4 year 50k miles bumper to bumper warranty that graces all other Audi models – virtually unheard of at the supercar level. Audi’s Exclusive program is available to you as well to customize the exterior and interior to your particular tastes. You’ll also enjoy the same level of attention and luxury at your Audi dealership as all other members of the Audi family.

The days of treating supercar buyers like dirt are over.

As impressive as this sounds, the real test is by you on the road. We invite you to come by Audi North Scottsdale or Penske Auto Mall for your own personal examination and see for yourself what an outstanding value the R8 is.

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