Aston Martin Vantage Drive images

aston martin vantage drive photos

aston martin vantage drive
Image by furyksx
Supercar shootout at Silverstone – 20/4/2008

Aston Martin Virage
aston martin vantage drive
Image by elstro_88
An old Shell promotional model from c.1995, made by Maisto/MC Toy from their Sportscar Collection, of the much-maligned Aston Virage, an ungainly coupe with VW Scirocco rear lights and Aston’s aged 5340cc V8 engine under the hood. It became the V8 Vantage eventually.

Aston Martin Racing’s Aston Martin Vantage GTE Driven by Paul Della Lana, Bill Auberien and Pedro Lamy
aston martin vantage drive
Image by Dave Hamster
Le Mans 24 Hours, 2013

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