Aston Martin Rapide Drive images

aston martin rapide drive images

1962 Aston Martin Lagonda Rapide (2013 RACV MotorClassica)
aston martin rapide drive
Image by PreciousBytes

Produced from 1961 – 1964, the Rapide, based on the Aston Martin DB4 chassis, was David Brown’s attempt to rebuilt the dormant Lagonda marque which he had purchased in 1948.

It marked a revival of the long-standing Rapide badge, was hand-made to order and featured the same 4-litre, straight 6 overhead cam engine that would later be used for the Aston Martin DB5.

Only 55 Rapide were produced at a sale price of just under GBP5000, of which 48 are believed to survive.

This particular example is the only factory-fitted, manual left hand-drive Lagonda Rapide in the world and one of only six left hand drives produced for the export market. It was delivered new to Group Captain Hugh Groves, Ret, of Sarasota Florida, USA on 5 September 1962.

(Info taken from the podium near by)

Aston Martin
aston martin rapide drive
Image by Sumlin
4 door Aston Martin on the neighbours’ drive before it went on sale to the public. Same one as was used in Top Gear as well.

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