Aston Martin One-77 on the road in London – Start up, sounds and combos [HD]


An amazing Aston Martin One-77 drives through London after taking part in the Aston Martin Centenary event, where 100 Aston Martins were on display as a timeline of models, as well as a car park full of 400-500 Aston Martins!
In this video, you will hear a start-up, idle sounds, a rev (only one really) and acceleration. Enjoy 🙂

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Here is a video of ONE-77 number 18 I spotted in London recently. This car is Arabic and is one of the many Exotic cars in London after Ramadan is over.


Supercar Scene:

This car is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and it is just stunning. It is Pearl White and features Red and black interior. I think those Colours go really well with each other and make this car look even more stunning.

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