ARAB Aston Martin One-77 (Q Series) in London – Startup | Revs | Accelerations | Amazing Sound!!

This stunning Aston Martin One-77 Q Series has arrived from Dubai. In the video you can hear various revs as well as a startup as we caught up with it at a petrol station. The owner was a really nice guy telling us his brother also owns a One-77.
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After 3 years seeing my last one.
I finaly see an Aston Martin One-77.
This is DEFINITELY my favourite Hypercar eveer!
This is the most beautifu car ever made this last 30 years in the automotive industry.

I went this tuesday to Spa-Francorchamps race track to see the Aston Martin Track day organised by Aston Martin UK.

And with great suprised there was no 1 or 2 even not 3 but FIVE!! ( 5!!! ) Aston Martin One-77!!!
All in different color and also an incredibly rare exemple in Right Hand Drive!

I have even have a dream realised!
I have also have a RIDE in the passenger seat on the track with an example of the Hypercar of Aston Martin, but this will be in another video!

Hope you enjoy to watch this amazing video, wich is for me my favourite ever made.
I was already a fan of the One-77 but now it is more than that!!

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Thank you very much.
Raphaƫl (TheCaraf).

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