2017 Acura NSX Priced at $157800, Tops Out at $207500

2017 Acura NSX Priced at 7800, Tops Out at 7500
Audi hasn't released pricing for its new R8, but the MSRP is estimated to be in the NSX's ballpark as well. The NSX's hybrid equation includes a 500-hp, twin-turbo V-6 and three electric motors that propel the supercar to 60 mph in around three seconds.
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Audi convinced me — the new 2016 TT Coupe is actually a mini R8
Audi's approach to designing and engineering vehicles can be aptly summed up in two words: maniacal brilliance. The women and men at Audi are brilliant maniacs, and they're going for the jugular of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. If the 2016 TT Coupe is any …
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