2013 Ferrari 458 Spider – Review in Detail, Start up, Exhaust Sound, and Test Drive

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2013 Ferrari 458 Spider — Specs:

MSRP 2013 : 7,412
MSRP 2014 : 7,412

Capacity – 4.5L V8
Power – 562hp @ 9000rpm
Torque – 398lb-ft @ 6000rpm
0-62mph – 3.4 sec
0-124mph – 10.8 sec
Top Speed – 199 mph
Consumption – 13/17mpg 14mpg combined est.
Consumption – 19.9mpg combined (with optional HELE system)
Curb Weight – 3384 lb.
Dry Weight – 3153 lb.
Length – 14′-10″
Width – 6′-4″

In this in-depth review we cover the 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider. This will be a detailed overview of all features, functions, and details. We will also test drive the car and provide our personal experience behind the wheel!

In addition we will provide exhaust & engine sounds, and start up procedures. The in-depth portion will focus detailed usage of all infotainment controls, driver controlled dash instruments, climate functions, vehicle dynamics controls, and all gizmos & gadgets that generally can be intimidating. We hope you can better understand these features and how to use them if you own the car or are in the market for a car like this one. Further details such as styling cues and distinct body lines will be highlighted so that they may be better appreciated.

*** We just want to be sure this is a personal experience from our point of view. Often times “in-depth” reviews on YouTube are just audible reproductions of brochures car makers supply. We don’t want to inundate you with dull uneventful details that can be read off a pamphlet. And we will do our best to avoid this for you. ***


To provide auto enthusiasts and consumers with free, relevant, and useful reviews about all types of cars. These reviews will detail usage, ergonomics, engine details, exhaust sounds and the overall drive of the vehicles. We will also do our best to give you the latest specifications and pricing.
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