2012 McLaren MP-4 12C

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2012 McLaren MP-4 12C
mclaren f1 review
Image by tyfn
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(CC) Phillip Jeffrey. www.fadetoplay.com. Feel free to use this photo. I request that you link back to the original picture on Flickr and credit as shown above.

Camera: Canon XSi
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4
Exp: ISO 100, f/8, 1/40

When I was at UBC Village, I saw my first ever McLaren. As I have been an fan of 2014 F1 champ Lewis Hamilton, who got his start with McLaren, it was a really cool experience to see one up close. This 2012 model cost about 0 000 new.

Edited with Lightroom CS4. Used Photoshop CS4 to blur license plate.

A Lotus and Mercedes Taking the Final Turn
mclaren f1 review
Image by jax989
A Lotus and Mercedes F1 car taking the final turn in the Austin Texas Formula 1 Gran Prix.

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