Various Types of BMW Headlights

BMW is a source which provides us quality products within affordable range in the market. BMW is famous for their accessories and parts like headlights, corner lights, tail lights, fog lights, hid bulbs, spoilers, body kits, suspension, wheels, exhausts, grilles and emblems. Headlights are one and main among the products produced by BMW. One can experience a wonderful drive by upgrading to the BMW headlights. You can feel and experience a vast difference and a crystal clear vision with the BMW headlights. BMW uses advanced technology to provide more efficient headlights without affecting its elegant design. The latest BMW headlights produce a very lower energy when compared to the older models. These latest low energy BMW headlights give an intensified visibility at night or during poor light or during foggy conditions, high beams feature of BMW headlights tend to increase reflection during foggy conditions. The current BMW headlights are designed in such a way to produce significantly less glare from approaching vehicles.

BMW headlights use halogen bulbs in its headlights for improved visibility. The BMW headlights have the feature of switching between high and low beams. The high beam feature of the BMW headlights are used to see further distance irrespective of the weather. The lenses used for BMW headlights are more resistant to heat and also results in best performance in any type of weather conditions including fog and rain. The latest lenses of BMW headlights are constructed of plastic resulting in better durability. Keeping style factor in mind the BMW headlights are released in wide range of colors and designs. Halogen bulbs come in various colors white, blue, yellow and even purple which are used for colorful BMW headlights

There are various BMW headlights available in market are sealed beam headlights, Halogen headlight, and HID headlights. The BMW sealed beam headlights are the most commonly used headlights or the basic headlights. These sealed beam headlights are also known as 2002.The BMW sealed head lights are single round headlights. These BMW headlights have the reflector, bulb and rear lens are merged together and form a single unit. Halogen headlights come next to the sealed beam headlights by BMW. The BMW halogen headlights are very distinguished because of their feature of providing more light during low visibility. Next come the latest BMW headlights in the market are high intensity discharge (HID) headlights. These BMW HID lights are also known as Xenon lights. The BMW HID head lights give improved visibility and produce brighter light when compared to other headlights. Depending on the model of the car there are various series available under the types of the BMW headlights. The series of headlights available are E30 -3 series , E32-7 series, E34 -5 series , E36 -3 series , E38 -7 series , E39 -5 series , E46 -3 series , E53 –X5 , E60 -5 series , E63 -6 series , E70 –X5 series , E82/E88 -1 series , E90 -3 4Dseries , E92 -3 2Dseries , Z3, Z4 headlights. To experience a clear drive that entire one should know is the model of the vehicle to replace the headlights with the BMW headlights.

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