Vantage National Student Engineering, Physics And Chemistry 1 +2 High-profile Start – Vantage,

Recently, China Kitchen Leading Enterprise Vantage shares held in Chengdu “Starlight Program” 580 Project launching ceremony. Meanwhile, the Vantage and the China Youth Development Foundation signed an agreement to jointly set up a “Vantage Student Fund, the National Physics and Chemistry 1 +2”, and officially launched the “1 +2, Physics and Chemistry student works.” At the ceremony, the president of Huang are joint-stock companies to the Fund on behalf of Vantage donated 1 million yuan first phase, the initial funding 1,000 students from poor families in poor areas return to school to complete primary school. China Kitchen & Bath industry support Project Hope was born the first corporate public brand, while the kitchen market brand strategy ushered in an important “watershed.”

China Youth Development Foundation, said: “Vantage shares as a public company, not only in the market economy brought out a vitality, a hundred Guangdong

Private enterprise And, in the field of public welfare is also shown extraordinary creativity. This time, the Vantage as a domestic kitchen and pioneered the industry’s leading companies ‘Vantage 1 +2, Physics and Chemistry Student Project’, through ‘Star Program’ to public welfare closely with channel construction, and this in order to open a store that is funded each Two families of the students return to school contributions model, the domestic enterprises to participate in a public welfare undertaking. This cooperation model, help companies participate in Project Hope in many ways, in promoting the development of China’s public welfare, there is a good reference and a model. “

Huang said in an interview were: “1 +2, Physics and Chemistry student projects, will be unique to Vantage, community shared the first domestic public companies the most distinctive brands, for the Vantage, the brand has important strategic significance . ” Some experts, Vantage introduced the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry, “the first corporate public brand??? 1 +2 student project”, to maximize the business and social win-win concept, break through brand in the domestic enterprises are facing today, Vantage This is worth considering.

Professional analysis, kitchen leading enterprises and the cooperation of the Chinese Youth Foundation can be described as combining the strengths of a huge network of resources, a credible NGO organization, cooperation between the two not only bring to China’s public welfare new atmosphere, but also for business, that is a significant milestone.

Present, despite the ringing Vantage has become a leading brand in China, professional kitchen, even so, the Vantage brand continue to “cross the river.” When

However, Huang are talking about the brand, “river” is the Vantage has worked in the past the “change” of the River. From private enterprises to listed companies, public utilities and marketing model from a combination of transition to the modern kitchen company to achieve the marketing system changes. It can be seen grasping the core of Vantage in the direction of the professional kitchen and to build the leading brand, and strive to make international kitchen brand also has to create “public goods brand” elevated to the strategic level.

With information, professional kitchen and the enterprise to carry out public welfare services and channel marketing, integration of resources, in the kitchen business and even Chinese enterprises still rare. Huang indicated: Chinese kitchen industry faces transformation of the marketing environment, Vantage public welfare and commercial interests will be harmonious with the win, and start public brand strategy to stimulate more attention to participation in public welfare undertakings kitchen brand.

From “Vantage 1 +2, Physics and Chemistry student project” Large donations to schools not difficult to find public service activities, Vantage has been the company’s short-term corporate interests and the interests of the individual, combining the interests of society as a whole, and in full swing a new round of “marketing the new law.”

More importantly, the “1 +2, Physics and Chemistry Student Project” relief to almost all the thousands of Vantage

Dealers Grouped to form a huge public interest groups. “We can imagine, this project once launched, will form the country’s huge positive impact on the market”, there are dealers, “backing”, Huang, president of the building were public rather optimistic about the prospects for brands.

Currently, Vantage brand building has been abandoned in a “microclimate” of the brand marketing and management, began to take shape, including brand strategy, marketing system, management system, including the “climate.” Start a brand strategy is not only the industry’s first enterprise to establish a public brand, and created a public good and the communion of the first of its kind marketing system; not only through the “public good brand” strategy to accelerate the transformation of enterprises, more importantly, the public brand has began to penetrate the new law, as a marketing company in China marketing idea in the kitchen.

Can be expected, the Chinese kitchen and market leading brand in the kitchen under the influence, is bound to change the current marketing thinking, marketing models and the core strengths of the re-integration, the Chinese kitchen and brand strategy of enterprises will be more international competitiveness.

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