Things to Remember When Running a Race

You may think running a race it simple. Just stand at the starting line and wait for the gun, then run. But there are a lot of other things to consider when running a race. Remember to wear your silicone bracelet or silicone wristbands to support the cause. Here are a few things to remember when running a race.

Make sure you are going at your own pace. Don’t try to catch up to someone in front of you. This will mess up your pacing, leave you exhausted for the rest of the race. Also, you will probably get in someone else’s way, and could injure yourself if your not used to the pace your running at. Don’t try to sprint past someone to beat them. Most 5k races are charity events anyway, not competition. Everyone is there for the same cause and just trying to compete against themselves to finish the race.

Many of these races can get very crowded, especially at the starting line. Be patient and don’t try to get to the front. If you’re a walker, try starting farther back in the pack. Most people will probably be passing you anyway, and it is difficult for runners to run by a slower person in such a big pack, especially if there is a large group of walkers.

If you do bring pets, make sure you’re allowed to. A dog can be a great companion on a long run, but it’s important to keep them under control. Make sure the leash is short, as many times runners can trip over long leashes. Also make sure your dog will behave himself in public and wont disturb or distract other runners.

Another thing that can be distracting to other runners is noise. Talking is a great way to pass the time on a long race, but it is good to remember that not everyone wants to hear your conversation about your bodily functions. Keep your music low, try not to slap your feet on the pavement, and keep keys and heart monitors or pacers quiet. Respect for other runners is one of the most important things you can bring to a race.

Be careful at aid stations too. Remember that other runners will be trying to get some water too. If you jump right in front of someone you can mess up their pace, trip them, or cause serious injury. Just step off to the side if you need to take a water break. When you finally get your water, watch where you aim it. Many runners tell horror stories about being hit with a careless runner’s water, spit, or snot.

Dress is important too. While you don’t want to be running in heavy clothes, try to avoid anything too skimpy or see-through. Remember that many of these races are family events and no one wants to have to cover their child’s eyes when you race by in your drenched short shorts.

The key to running any race with a lot of other people is courtesy. It’s not about winning. Just remember that others are running and they want to be treated just as well as you would want them to treat you.

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