The LG GT505 – More Than the Usual

The LG GT505 is another mobile phone model from LG. This mobile phone has a lot more to offer than its predecessors. The LG GT505 has all the qualities that you look for in a mobile device from portability, design down to the various functions and features that the phone has. Here are some of those mentioned functions and features.


This handset has a touch screen that allows you as the user to navigate through your mobile phone without much difficulty.

In addition, the LG GT505 has a high-tech camera that will allow you to take crystal-clear features with your mobile phone. This camera has autofocus, which will take the struggle of focusing your camera away. This also ensures the clarity of photos you will produce.

One function of the GT505 phone is its being a gaming console. Having this mobile phone will give you a chance to play with various games that you can only usually play with a large gaming console.

The LG GT5o5 can also serve as your organizer to help you plan and schedule your day to your own liking. With this phone, you will not have a hard time remembering all your appointments and schedules within the week.

More importantly, you can use the LG handset to communicate with the people that you need in order to keep up with your business and your personal life as well. You can choose from a wide variety of communication tools that the phone offer.

Some of these tools include electronic mail, short messaging services, instant messages and multimedia messages. With these communication tools, you will have no reason to become out of touch with the people that you need to talk to,

Speaking of calling, another nifty feature of the said mobile phone is the video call. The said feature allows you as the user to see who you are talking to while talking on the phone.

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