The Crew: Online PvP Race – Updated Ferrari LaFerrari Performance Spec [7th January Patch]

After the 7th January patch which improves the wheelspin of the LaFerrari, it became one of the strongest performance spec car if you fully understand the car’s weird handling. Recommended to use a low level weight reduction upgrade and grip bonus.

The Crew PC full game online multiplayer PvP race South lobby with keyboard and manual transmission using a updated handling level 1206 Ferrari LaFerrari Performance Spec. The driving assists is hardcore.
The tracks are in this video are:
– Dam Fast (Collision Off)
– Daytona Run (Collision Off)
– Nawlins Face-Off (Collision Off)

Car Performance Review:
The LaFerrari has a weird 2 sided handling. If you release the throttle and turn, the car turns very sharply but also puts it into a drift. If you turn using throttle, it’s one of the worst turn rate performance spec car in the game. The Understeer is horrible. At high speeds, there is a lack of downforce and your tires can slip a little if you are not careful, especially uphill crests.

So in order to fully maximise one of the fastest accelerating car in the performance spec category, you have to brake early and let go the throttle before turning. This will allow the nose of the car to turn sharply before a corner. Let go the throttle if you are understeering too much.

If you successfully understand and manage the car’s handling, the LaFerrari becomes one of the top tier performance spec cars. It’s amazing acceleration equivalent to the Koenigsegg Agera R is alone enough to be quick in PvP. Despite the bad understeer, it’s more stable than the Agera R, allowing this car to at least race in high speed tracks.
Video Rating: / 5

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