Let me just get one thing out of the way, if you can’t tell this Video looks alot better and smoother than the past Five Videos I’ve uploaded since saying all my Videos are now in Full 60fps, WELL the past Five Videos have actually been recorded in 30fps but uploaded in 60fps as I didn’t know my New Camera was in the lowest quality setting, but now as you can tell my New Camera is in full 60fps so really sorry for that guys but from now on I promise all videos will look like this and I’m really happy with how this looks in terms of quality! Now in this Video i have secret access to the Brand New baby 2016 BMW M2, i wasn’t meant to see this Car before it’s launch day on the 16 of this month but BMW Blackpool was very nice to let me have secret access to the Car, this Car looks mean as hell and sounds it to as we got a little cold start up and a rev, to me it sounds similar to the big daddy M4 not sure what sounds better just yet as i’d have to hear the M2 on the road, inside it looks very similar to again the M4, but yeah it just looks really aggressive and looks amazing, not to sure if i prefer it over the 1M tho i’d have to see more of this M2 to make a decision, anyhow really hoped you enjoyed this video if you did then please share it give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe, also if you ain’t already then please subscribe to my Nissan GTR channel, link is below. thanks so much for watching.

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