Safe Winter Driving

Winter is soon settling in as temperatures are dropping, with the clocks going back one hour on 31 October 2010. Winter nights will be drawing in soon so it is the perfect time to prepare yourself and your car for the adverse weather conditions. Every year many car accidents are caused by icy roads and people not maintaining safe driving during the winter months, it is can be life saving to maintain that your car is ready for the winter season.

The most important thing to do when entering the winter season is make ensure your tyres are right for the winter driving condition is to check that they are properly inflated and have enough tread depth. Tyre treads should be a minimum of 3mm, there are air machines at most garages to get your tyres inflated to the recommended level. It takes minutes to check you tyres but it can cut the risk of being involved in a costly accident. Furthermore you should give your tyres a visual inspection to guarantee that they dont contain any cuts to the tyres or bulges as these could leave to difficulties at high speeds.

Another check to make on your car this winter is that there is enough anti freeze in the engine. In icy weather antifreeze is essential for protecting your car against frost damage. It is also important you are able to clear your windscreen of any dirt or obstructions so you should remember to check your windscreen wash regularly It is also an offence to drive with an empty windscreen washer and the windscreen wipers are in good working order, look at all wiper blades to check they are not worn or damaged as this can be vital for making sure you can see the road clearly, especially in winter fog. Check all lights are working, and if they are old replace them before winter settles in, check fog lights too and only use them when visibility is less than 100 metres.

Another important point is easy access to a Breakdown service, always make sure you have the details of a breakdown service handy in the car or saved within you mobile phone as you could be stuck out in the cold on your own. Finally, dont forget to keep a can of de-icer and a windscreen scraper as these are very handy for the mornings before work.

Make sure that when you buy a car this winter that you get the best deal, car finance deals are available as well as car credit UK for any drivers looking for help in being able to afford a better and safer car.

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