Rolex 24 at Daytona images

ford gt race photos

Rolex 24 at Daytona
ford gt race
Image by @stancyvw
Besides it raining half the time, it was still an amazing experience. I didn’t have my camera out much, so i got a chance to wonder around and check out the all the different shops and manufacturer tents with all their historic race cars that used to dominate this track. The cars were not running 100% due to the weather, but at least the last few hours the weather got better, so they were able to get back on the pedal.

All Photos by: IG @stancyvw

1963 Ford Mk I Consul Cortina 240 Saloon
ford gt race
Image by Sicnag
The UK designed Cortina was built from 1962-82, the Mark 1, from 1962-66 was reasonably priced, cheap to run and proved to be very successful in motorsport.
There were 2 main variations of the Mk 1 Cortina, the first, introduced in Sept 62, was known as the ‘pre airflow’ Mk 1 Consul Cortina, it had elliptical front indicators outside the grille. This early Mk 1 got a dash update in Oct 1963, round instruments replaced the strip speedometer.
The main facelift in Oct 1964, the ‘airflow’ model, the Consul name dropped, now just ‘Cortina’, new squarer parkers were incorporated within the grille, it also got new flow through ventilation (eyeball vents in another new dash and vents in the outer rear pillars).
In England and NZ, the Mk I was available in 2 or 4 door saloon and 5 door estate, models were the 46hp 1200cc Standard or Deluxe or 60hp 1500cc Super and 78hp 1500 GT.
Lotus developed a Cortina for racing with 105hp 1500cc twin cam. All Lotus Cortinas were 2 door and all were white with a green flash.
Mark 1 Cortinas were also built in Australia, varying slightly in badging and interior trim. Models there were; 220 2 door (1200cc and 5 bar grille), 240 2 door and 440 4 door (both with 60hp 1500) also the 4 door GT (78hp 1500) In 1965, Harry Firth developed a race ready 98hp 2 door GT500, 112 were built.

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