Martin Yale P7400 RapidFold Legal Paper Folding Machine Review

Martin Yale is known for producing quality office equipment and the P7400 is no exception. Built for efficient, low volume paper shredding, this folder is ideal for small offices, clubs, churches, and mail rooms. It offers multiple fold styles and automatic features for easy use. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Martin Yale P7400 RapidFold Legal Paper Folding Machine.


This device offers a small footprint for storage in tight spaces. When left on a desk top, it is readily accessible whenever you need it. And since it only weighs 17 pounds, it isn’t difficult to move around for shared use.
Setup of this folder is very easy; simply pull it out of the box and plug it in. A main on/off switch supplies power to the machine and keeps it in a “ready” mode. After you feed paper into the hopper, simply press the green “go” button and the items are automatically fed into the machine and folded, flying out the back and falling into the included stacking tray. The catch tray is overhanging so your folder can be placed on the edge of a table or desk for easy accessibility.
Four styles are offered by this folder including traditional “C” letter fold, half fold, “Z” fold, and double parallel or engineering fold. This device folds items as small as 3-1/2″ x 5″ up to legal size documents, including standard and A4 papers as well. Paper weight can range from 16lb-28lb bond. Most copy paper and letterhead is easily put through.
Up to 50 sheets can sit in the hopper at once for automatic feeding. A manual bypass offers up to three loose or stapled sheets to be folded together at once. Items are folded as fast as 66 sheets per minute, topping out around 4000 sheets per hour. After everything is through, the device shuts off automatically.
The P7400 is equipped with an automatic jam detection. It will automatically shut off so you can quickly clear the problem.
This device carries a limited one year warranty against defects from the manufacturer. However, be aware that doesn’t include consumable parts, labor, or shipping.


While this is a great device for light use, if you run it constantly to get the output of 4000 sheets per hour, it will wear out quickly. This model will work better for longer with use not exceeding about 300 sheets per hour on a regular basis. If you routinely need more than that, you may want to consider a higher rated device.
As with many smaller paper folders, this one can’t handle heavier items, such as cardstock or glossy or coated paper. Most small offices don’t use these paper mediums and as such still enjoy this machine. However, if you do need to fold large amounts of heavier paper, we suggest looking into a machine with that specific capability.
The fold plates do need to be manually adjusted. A printed guide with turning knobs help to ensure precision and avoid crooked folds

As you can see, the P7400 is well-suited to meet the needs of a small business with lighter paper folding needs. The high efficiency with which it operates will increase productivity and save both time and money. With capacity and speeds designed for lower volume applications, modest offices will appreciate both the convenience and small footprint of this machine. We would highly recommend the Martin Yale P7400 for your next light use paper folder.

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