Laptop AC Adapter’s Tragedy Went on

For this HP ACHEW-C14 AC Adapter, you just put it on the ground while in use of the laptop. You never give it more attention until it got sick. That is the same to the other part of the laptop accessory, like the keyboard, the LCD screen and etc. So you can see this tragedy here and there. How to stop this tragedy, here show you the way.

First of all, we have a look of the AC adapter. It always stays at the corner or somewhere unnoticeable. So the AC adapter is the best seller in the market. Thus it’s not cheap at all, ranging from ten to hundred dollars. The heat is the top A killer as well as the broken wire at the part of the connection. Just as this HP ACHEW-C14 AC Adapter, its master had it in the quilt all the time, so the heat can not radiate easily. Finally the cable inside got burned. you see how fragile it is!

As the most expensive part of the laptop, LCD screen is also known as the most fragile component. It is very sensitive to shock, high temperature, high pressure, dust, high brightness and contrast, etc., as CRT is very precise, instant impact will damage it, easily, such as broken filament, crack pipe neck, leakage and other issues. And the price of a replacement is really expensive. Compare with this HP ACHEW-C14 AC Adapter, it’s ten times .So we have devoted more time and energy to the display of the laptop. It will gradually get dark and damaged as time passing by.

It seems that keyboard is very stable and durable. That is not the truth. It’s very sensitive to moisture, dust, strong press. Most of the keyboards are now using plastic membrane switch, which switch from the third line of plastic film that is perforated in the middle of an insulation film. Thin film coating on both sides of the metal lines and contacts, wet corrosion, contamination of dust will cause the keyboard touch point connection in bad condition.

Therefore, we must keep the workplace clean and tidy. And do not smoke, eat and drink in front of the laptop or in the vicinity. Moreover spare more attention to your laptop accessory like the ac adapter. don’t let the tragedy of this ACHEW-C14 AC Adapter happens again.

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