Lamborghini Aventador vs Mclaren P1 – 200mph+ DRAG RACE!!

I rode shotgun in an Aventador as it raced a P1 down the infamous drag strip at the latest Vmax Stealth event. It has been a dream of mine to have a ride in an Aventador and it’s also the first time going 200mph in a car, so it was a pretty incredible experience! Big thanks to Auto Vivendi for hosting the event, check out them here:

Top speeds:
Aventador: 205mph
P1: 213mph

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Congratulations to Ryan for his first time ever competing in a 1/2 Mile event, and doing it with great results in his Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Aventador at Omega Motorsport’s No Flyzone 1/2 mile event in Maricopa, Arizona. This is also the first TT Aventador to compete in any kind of event. After making a few shakedown passes, Ryan went 217 MPH in the standing 1/2 mile! This build comes with a completely built race spec short block including billet connecting rods, custom CP race pistons and much more. Also, this build comes with our custom clutch, billet flywheel, billet axles, front and rear billet differentials. As always, for tuning it has the M1 MoTeC ecu with Underground Racing custom firmware and Plug & Play ECU harness setup by John Reed Racing. Be on the lookout for more videos from this Aventador and other TT Aventadors competing at these race events.

If anyone is interested in a system similar to this for your Lamborghini, please don’t hesitate to call or email anytime.

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