Here We Go With the Race Card Again

I was totally amazed when I recently read the New York Governor Paterson’s indication that he is experiencing his low popularity standings merely as a result of racism. Just because people feel that he should not seek another term as governor has nothing what so ever to do with racism as much as it does his negative attitude and his failure at effectively functioning in his elected position. I regretfully inform the governor that it is not the color of ones skin which is creating his political problems but perhaps it is more his inabilities to operate and manage a state the size of New York.

First off if the situation was racially motivated he never would have been elected and placed into that position by the people to begin with. In addition, his comment regarding the media not reporting the news properly holds no merit what so ever. It was not long ago that the media was a silent bed-partner with the Obama camp resulting in his successful run for president of the United States. I am sure that Mr. Paterson did not obtain his elected office entirely without the assistance of the various news media.

It becomes apparent that when his political party considers that Mr. Paterson’s approval rating has dropped significantly even among his fellow democrats that something more positive must be done. Usually this action prompts suggestions to not seek reelection for the following term. Such actions seem to indicate more of Mr. Paterson’s incompetence then it does of racial overtones.

Lastly, his suggestion that President Obama is likely to experience the same type of unwelcome behavior for his healthcare reform stems more so from Obama’s uncontrollable spending coupled with his socialistic attitude and views then his skin color. Public servants with unpopular attitudes cause turmoil and turmoil is not racial bias.

I would suggest that Governor Paterson as well as President Obama stop playing the race card and do the job the way they promised to do when they elected to the position.

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