GT6 – BMW Z8 Spin City Drift!

BMW Z8 GT6 drift tune

I am going on record saying BMW makes the BEST cars for drift. Every single BMW I have ever tried drifts super amazing. Literally the M3, M4, M5, or whatever else is unstoppable. The tune above is a normal BMW Z8 drift tune, but the amount of control you have over it allows you to do anything you want. As you saw from the video I did spins pretty much everywhere whenever I felt like it and never crashed into the wall or skidded off the track once. Truly amazing precision.

Probably one of the best GT6 drift cars you could use. I also like the looks of it once you add the bodykit. I went for a more James Bond stealth look, but I have seen guys add huge wings with orange paint etc making the car look much more insane. The rear lights also remind me of how Porsche has them on their recent cars.

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