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Image from page 60 of “Our paradise home; the earth made new and the restoration of all things” (1903)
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Identifier: ourparadisehomee00lane
Title: Our paradise home; the earth made new and the restoration of all things
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Lane, Sands Harvey
Subjects: Heaven
Publisher: Battle Creek, Mich., Review and herald publishing company
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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rk shall be. As the scene beyond the judgment was opened to the ban-ished seer of Patmos, he saw the transition as the world passedfrom the kingdom of grace to the kingdom of glory, and speak?of that transition as follows: And the seventh angel sounded,and there were great voices in heaven, saying. The kingdomsof this world are become the kingdoms of our Ford, and of HisChrist; and He shall reign forever and ever. Rev. 11:15.Thus the kingdom of glory is established. Christ will be itsking. The redeemed sons and daughters of Adam will be itssubjects. The purchased possession will be its territory. AsGod will be all in all, his law will be its law. The New Jeru-salem will be its capital city, having in its midst the throneof that celestial kingdom. Reader, that King of grace is saying to you and to me, To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in mythrone, even as I also overcame, and am set down with myFather in his tlirone. Rev. 3:21. Are we overcoming dayby day? a.v-vvMmjfaw

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f->– mentioned in Holy Writ so often as Jeru-salem. It was the capital and chief city of the Holy Land,and to the Christian it is associated with most sacredmemories. Its early history is somewhat obscure, some histo-rians claiming that the earliest notice of its location is foundin Joshua 15 : 8, and 18: 16, 17, while others claim that the earliestidentity is that of the Salem of Melchisedec (Gen. 14: 18) withJerusalem, and that it is referred to as Salem in Ps. 76:2. Itwas afterward called Jebus, as belonging to the Jebusites, andfrom its two names, Jebus-Salem, we have the name Jerusalem.Its site was made sacred in the days of its earliest existence byAbrahams trial of faith in the offering of Isaac. And as Abra-ham was the progenitor of the Jewish race, from his time tillto-day the entire nation has looked upon Jerusalem with rever-ence, and has always possessed a longing desire for the pros-perity and welfare of the sacred ci

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