Ford Gt Race photos

ford gt race images

1962 Lotus Super Seven Series 2
ford gt race
Image by Sicnag
The Lotus Seven was a small, lightweight 2 seat open sports car built in England from 1957-73. A lightweight steel spaceframe was covered with aluminium bodywork and simple cloth lined plastic doors were hinged from the windscreen. The attraction was a road legal car that could be used for clubman racing.
1957 Lotus Seven Series 1; 40hp 1172cc Ford 100E Side-valve, the 1959 Super Seven got the 75hp 1100cc Coventry Climax OHC. 243 Series 1 were built
1960 Lotus Seven Series 2; The 1172 Side-valve was replaced in 1961 with the 39hp 997cc Ford 105E OHV, the Super Seven got the 85hp 1340cc Ford 109E OHV, then from 1962, 95hp 1498cc Ford 116E OHV. 1310 Series 2 were built
1968 Lotus Seven Series 3; 84hp 1600cc 2255E Crossflow from the GT Cortina, from 1969 the 115hp 1600 Lotus twin cam was available. The Series 3 had a large 7 in the grille 340 were built.
1970 Lotus Seven Series 4; Engines were unchanged but a squarer fibreglass shell replaced most of the aluminium bodywork. 66 Series 4 were built plus another 37 by Caterham Cars.
After Lotus ended production of the Seven, Caterham bought the rights and today Caterham make both kits and fully assembled cars based on the original design.

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