Flying Ants

Swarms of flying ants can be easily seen during the summer season. The flying aunts are not dangerous, but they have to be controlled as they can cause nuisance. Flying ants are often confused with termites. The main difference between the two is that the body of the flying ant can be divided into three parts; head, thorax, and abdomen. Flying ants feed on dead materials and plants.

The mating period of flying ants occurs in summer. The male flying ant keeps roaming in search of a queen for mating. The winged males can be found in swarms flying around large trees, chimneys, and roofs. The males do not live long after mating. They die within 2 or 3 days of mating. This is the reason behind the swarms of flying ants being visible only for a couple of days during summer. The queen, on the other hand, survives to form a new colony.

The flying ants can enter your house if you have kept leftovers open. Food remains, bread crumbs, and dead insects are some of the things which invite flying ants. The litter boxes and trash cans should not be left uncovered if you want to protect yourself from the swarm of flying ants.

There are no special measures required to tackle flying ants as they disappear on their own after a few days. In some cases, the problem becomes grave and needs to be attended immediately. The most important tip for keeping flying ants at bay is to keep the premises clean as unhygienic conditions invite flying ants. The other method to safeguard your homes is by putting a mesh in your windows or keeping them shut at the time of their expected onslaught. Some stray flying ants can be killed by banging them.

There are both chemical and non-chemical methods of getting rid of flying ants. They can be easily controlled with most of the pest control methods. There are very good pesticides and sprays available in the market. They can be used to kill flying ants. They can also be prevented from entering a house by getting roof screening done. The gaps and crevices in the windows and doors should be sealed. Care should be taken to safeguard all the entry points present inside the house.

It is better to leave the flying ants alone if they are not causing any major disturbance to you. They will vanish by themselves.

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