Ferrari California Race images

ferrari california race images

Maserati 300 S Shortnose 1955
ferrari california race
Image by tautaudu02
Maserati is known to the connoisseur as one of the finest sports and race car manufacturer ever to have existed. While its rival Ferrari was more famous and more successful (not least due to the shrewdness of its manipulative principal Enzo Ferrari), Officine Alfieri Maserati SpA in Modena was an exquisite company with class, style, modesty and superb craftsmanship forming part of its virtues. Handling and performance were superior to the one of its rivals, but the emotional approach also meant that Maserati lacked organisation and sufficient financial resources which very often prevented the ultimate success.
The Maserati A6 GCS (2-litre 6-cylinder barchetta) was highly successful in 1954 and won no less than 24 important European events. Nevertheless, it became obvious that Maserati needed a more powerful car to compete with the 3 litre 750 Monza Ferrari for the 1954 season. Hence the project for the Maserati 300 S. The 6-cylinder 2992.5 cc twin plug engine was a development from the very successful 250 F Grand Prix car, a new 4-speed (later 5-speed) transverse gearbox was developed, tubular chassis and suspension were a development from the A6 GCS, and the beautiful new coachwork was by Fantuzzi. Between 1955 and 1959, 26 examples of the 300 S were built. Drivers for the 300 S included Valenzano, Perdisa, Musso, Musy, Gonzalez, Taruffi, Schell and Behra. Initial 3rd and 4th places at the opening 1955 Sebring 12 Hours were promising and showed the competitive potential of the 300 S, but Maserati ended the season losing to Ferrari with 50 to 65 points. Signing up Stirling Moss for the 1956 was promising, but this time Maserati lost to Ferrari with 50 versus 102 points. Signing up Juan Manuel Fangio for the 1957 season was again promising but ended not only in a further defeat against Ferrari (79 versus 108 points) but also in the withdrawal from racing by Maserati due to insurmountable financial problems of the Maserati factory.
This particular car, the ex-Scuderia Parravano 300 S 3058 Short Nose 1956, is one of the best surviving examples of the 300 S model range. Tony Parravano, an Italian-born entrepreneur in California, was the most important client of Maserati, having purchased 150 S, 250 F, 300 S, 350 S and 450 S for drivers Masten Gregory, McAfee, Bryan and Carroll Shelby. As such he received particular attention from the Maserati works when the 300 S 3058 was built for him. Painted in the typical livery of red with a longitudinal black/white stripe and tested by Peter Collins in Modena prior to delivery, 3058 was immediately successful when Masten Gregory drove the car to second overall in Palm Springs in December 1955, and again to third at the Nassau Trophy on the Bahamas the same month. Only one month later Masten Gregory won on the Torrey Pines circuit, against such drivers as Phil Hill in a Ferrari and a number of Porsche 550 Spyder. When Parravano miraculously disappeared in 1960 (supposedly due to illegal business practice), all his cars were temporarily moved to Mexico and did not return to the U.S. until 1977. The car subsequently became part of the famous Japanese Hayashi collection. Subsequent owners included Peter Rae and Brian Brunkhurst until 2000 when the car was purchased by the current owner.

The further details are as follows :
Chassis number : 3058
Engine number : 3058
Engine specification : 6-cylinder twin camshaft 2992.5 cc with 245 HP

ferrari california race
Image by | El Caganer – Over 7 Million views!

ferrari california race
Image by | El Caganer – Over 7 Million views!

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