ford mustang race images

ford mustang race
Image by Antoine de Cardaillac
Final round of the FD Canada drift series (2017) – Autodrome St-Eustache

ford mustang race
Image by RyC – Behind The Lens

1974 Ford XB Falcon GT Sedan
ford mustang race
Image by Sicnag
Corporate Blue.
The XB Falcon was built from Sept 1973- July 1976.
The XA got a facelift in 1973; the XB was introduced, it got a more pronounced nose due to the reworking of the bonnet. It also got a divided honeycomb grille, more conventional taillights and new bumpers. The GT got new hood scoops, the design reminiscent of the 1971-73 U.S. Mustang, the GT badges were gone and replaced by GT351 decals on the guards and boot.
Only a handful of early manual XB GTs had the imported 4V Cleveland that earlier GTs had, the rest were Australian built 2V engines which took either a 2 or 4 barrel carb. Along with new emission controls, meant the XB was not as fast as earlier GTs, but it did get 4 wheel disc brakes, now standard. The XB GT was a more refined tourer, rather than a road going race car.
Engine; 300hp 351 cu in Cleveland
1950 XB GT Sedans and 949 XB GT Hardtops were made, 3 Sedans in Corporate Blue

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