Don’t Lose Your Privilege To Drive

In today’s mobile society, having a driver’s license is a privilege that should be protected at all costs. Most of us do not live in 1950’s style TV communities where schools, shopping, work or other necessary destinations are within walking distance. Having an automobile, and a license to operate it, is an integral part of our society.

Unfortunately, many drivers believe that having being able to drive anywhere they want is a right, rather than a privilege that is granted to them by the state. A driver’s license, like any other privilege, can be taken away for a wide variety of reasons and can affect every aspect of a person’s lifestyle.

In a majority of cases, the suspension of a driver’s license is a result of some sort of offense involving a motor vehicle. For example, operating a stolen vehicle, or any kind of assault or homicide involving a vehicle will result in long term license suspensions.

A conviction for driving under the influence, or simply refusing a state administered chemical test at the time of a DUI arrest, will lead to a license suspension. A DUI lawyer, who specializes and is well trained in these offenses, is the best defense against these types of suspensions.

Driving without automobile insurance, frequent reckless driving convictions, or attempting to elude law enforcement are also common reasons for suspension. Often, if a driver fails to appear in court, or fails to pay for a traffic citation, his license will be suspended until payment has been made or sufficient jail time is served. Many of these traffic citations will cause points to be accumulated. Once a specified number of points has been reached in a two year period, suspension will result.

Other offenses, involving the world of motor vehicles but not specifically driving, can cause a license suspension as well. Fraudulently attempting to obtain a state driver’s license or identification card is one of these types of offenses. Possessing or manufacturing false proof of insurance is another non-driving offense that can cause a suspension.

Sometimes, offenses which are not related to driving or vehicles can result in license suspension. Being delinquent on child support obligations can cause a suspension while payments are in arrears. Younger drivers who are expelled from school or who are excessively truant can have their privilege to drive suspended. Also, a conviction of many controlled substance offenses can have a negative effect on a driver’s license status.

The above described offenses are not an all inclusive list of things that will result in license suspension. However, nearly everything that is included is also very avoidable. Drivers, who do not follow the law, can quickly learn that their driver’s license was one of their most prized possessions after they no longer have it. If you find yourself in this position, a criminal defense lawyer can help.

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