Don’t Drink And Drive This Christmas

With the festive period fast approaching, its always worthwhile drawing up a budget for the most expensive period of the year. This can help you get through the festive period without spending more than you expected to. One aspect of a budget you should account for is travel; it can often be costly around Christmas with taxis often charging double fare and public transport services being disrupted. Saving on these fees may save a small fortune for various social occasions across this busy time.

The potential cost of drink driving is however much greater, being breathalysed and being found to be over the limit can often bring more than financial costs. Being in charge of a vehicle with excess levels of alcohol in your system can cost you not only a whopping 10 points on your licence but also a fine of up to 2500, or you could exchange the fine for a fee of up to 3 months in prison. Which of course is also not ideal (in fact a disaster) especially for something that you could avoid with a taxi fare home.

The limit may seem a fixed limit, but the amount of units can depend on factors surrounding you and your health. These factors include:
– Your age (young people tend to process alcohol more slowly)
– How much you have eaten
– Your metabolism
– Your weight
– Stress levels
– Gender ( women tend to process alcohol slower than men)

These factors show how wildly your tolerance can sway between nights, drinking on a Friday night straight after getting home from work may cause you to absorb alcohol more quickly after not eating and also being stressed and tired from the working week, whereas your threshold for alcohol may be higher on a Saturday after a lie in and a day off work. All in all, this shows if you are going to drive on an evening out, be sure to either stick to a single drink that keeps you under the limit significantly or preferably dont drink at all.

Local police forces look to crack down on drink driving over the festive period, stopping and testing more cars over this period than usual. It is simply not worth the risk, paying that cab fare and having a nice night may be the best idea for yours and others safety on the road.

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