BMW i8 – Test Driving (Handheld Madness!)

BMW i8 - Test Driving (Handheld Madness!)

Hey everybody!

I hope you’re all well! A friend of mine was lucky enough to test drive the BMW i8 at the Bedford Aerodrome so I tagged along and totally took advantage with a camera. 😀

90% (everything apart from the slider shots) was shot handheld using the Canon 16-35mm f4 lens which I rented for the day. It’s a great lens and freed me up to work completely handheld which was really needed!

Hopefully one day I can bring you all the cool stuff that is in this car. It’s one pricey beast but man is it awesome. It retails for about £100,00.

Subjectively, it doesn’t compare to Tesla in terms of it’s technology, environmental impact nor price but it is something quite special and has the spirit of a supercar.

Music is by the awesome Arcadiak (

Please ask me any questions and I’ll try and tell you all about it!


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