Bentley used cars- The Prestige Lives On

There are not too many people I know who wouldn’t want a new Bentley, but they can be extremely expensive even for rich people. That said, most lower end millionaire’s who can afford to spend a lot of money, but not new Bentley money, buy Bentley used cars. The Bentley family of vehicles are exceptionally engineered and designed and that’s why people want them. Below is a review on some of their excellent cars to buy if you’re lucky enough to afford one. Bentley Continental GT used cars are fast.

This beauty has a 6.0L, 4 valve, 552 horsepower engine; it comes in an automatic transmission or 6 speed. It seats 4 passengers; it offers leather seats and Vehicle speed proportional power steering. The Continental GT has a 6 disc CD changer and 8 speakers to listen to your favourite tunes.

Most Bentley used cars are fast but not as fast as the Bentley Continental Supersports. This is a 6.0L, 4 valve, 621 horsepower engine and it comes in an automatic transmission or 6 speed. The Supersports comes with 2 doors, it is a 2 passenger vehicle, with front fog lights. It is also equipped with the Vehicle speed proportional power steering, satellite, CD and 8 speakers. This vehicle truly is a rocket ship.

Who can talk about Bentley cars without talking about the Bentley Azure T. This awesome vehicle is there most expensive car brand new. The Bentley Azure T has a 6.8L, 2 valve, 500 horsepower engine and comes in either an automatic transmission or 6 speed. The Azure is a 4 passenger vehicle, with front fog lights and the Vehicle speed proportional power steering unit.

┬áThese are my favourite Bentley used cars, every time I look at that price of one of their vehicles I say to myself, is this plated in gold or what! Even to buy one of these used cars will still cost the ordinary guy an arm and leg, but eh! It’s great to dream.

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