Aston Martin One-77 233 MPH Service run in Test Drive Unlimited 2

Taking an Aston Martin One-77 for a 233MPH spin. In TDU2 there are side missions that pop up around the map. One of my favourites is taking high performance cars for servicing.

Why driving a car 6 miles is worth ,000 we may never know, but if this is a real job I’ll take it.

The objective of this mode is to get the car to the destination with no damage. You lose money from the reward if you bump another car or go off the road.

There is no time limit, so there’s absolutely no need to drive fast. You just need to drive slowly and carefully, but where’s the fun in that?

The mission was called ‘Take care of my baby’, and somehow that made me want to race the car. I floored it and even hit 233MPH at one point, and still managed to get there with the full ,000. This was sheer fun.

This car is a beauty. I think I’ll get one. :)

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