Aston Martin DB7 GT Buying Guide

With a price range of around £30K for the 2002 version and £40K for the 2004 version, Aston Martin DB7 GT 2000 is considered as perquisite to various reviews given in some respectable website. The GT is available in both manual and automatic or GTA types.
Several things to consider when buying this exquisite car are that the soon-to-be owner should make a few lists on both the advantages and the drawbacks of the GT Aston Martin DB7. Most people will consider design as the first to consider as the GT has a clean and gorgeous design. In term of ride quality and handling, the GT DB7 is equipped with excellent compromise between the two. In addition, the ride has an exceptional supercharged of 335 bhp with 3,239cc 6 cylinder engine along with an outstanding 361 lb ft torque. As complemented in being excellent in its class, convertible Volante complemented the GT from 1996 and the Vantage version in 1999 with 6.0 litre V12 and 420 bhp.
The Aston Martin DB7 GT is considered pricey compared to XK8. As any Aston Martin aficionado acknowledged, it is a quite expensive option for a ride. Yet, with the whole features mentioned and the look any fans of this vehicle will go for it. However, the Vantage is considered as somewhat reasonable at £92,5K. Another drawback from the GT is that the cabin is equipped with despicable and revolting switchgear parts bin as well as the ability for the hood of convertible to fold away is not that excellent. Six-cylinder cars mostly equipped with conventional automatic gearbox of four-speed this creates difficulty in manual override as well as gear changes round corners

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