5 Ways to Win at Horse Racing

Horse racing can be fun, thrilling and exciting as well as profitable if you know a few insider strategies that can help you to win.

1. First, always make sure that you analyze the history of the horses previous performances when placing bets. Many experts have found that it can be more profitable to look for those horses that have the highest speed ratings. Generally, the higher the horses speed rating the more consistent the horse will be in winning. This is particularly true when it comes to sprint races, so make sure you pay attention to this.

2. Always make sure that you take into consideration the consistency of the horses’ prior races as well. Avoid betting on any horses that have not raced within the last month or so. Look for horses that have placed with the top three finishes during their last few races. This is usually a good indication that the horse will be in good shape and will have an increased chance of winning an upcoming race.

3. Class is also important when it comes to picking winners as well. Look specifically to see whether the horse is coming up in class. While this can sometimes lead to choosing a winner, that is not always the case. The main thing to look for is to determine whether the horse has raced within the same class recently. If the horse has raced within the same class and come out on top, this could be a horse that is ready to keep on the same winning streak.

4. When possible, try to make sure you know the condition of the track on race day. In the event that the track will be muddy or sloppy in some other way, look for horses that prefer taking a front lead. When the track is muddy, horses that like to take the early lead will generally have better chances of winning.

5. Finally, remember that just because a horse lost their last race that does not mean that you should not consider them, especially if they were a favorite. The horse could still be in good shape and actually have a good chance of winning an upcoming race. Be sure to check the odds, especially on the morning of the race, to determine whether this may be a horse that you want to place your money on.

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