2012 Hotwheels Case E images

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2012 Hotwheels Case E
ford gt race
Image by thienzieyung
As I was hunting for Hotwheels in Karamunsing, I thought of visiting Giant in the basement floor to check if there were any interesting Hotwheels for me to buy. I heard from a friend that this particular outlet keeps old cases (even ones that are a year old), so I hurried over to that supermarket. The Hotwheels cars were placed near the cashier area, and that was when I discovered that what my friend said was true – the pegs were filled with cars from last year’s D51 wave, or that would be case E.

The hot cars in this assortment, such as the red Camaro ZL1, 2010 Ford Mustang GT, purple Megane Trophy, white Ford Falcon Race Car, white Camaro SS Police, blue Porsche 911 GT3 RS, white Ferrari 458 Italia and black/copper Reventon were all there. It was really nice to see such an old wave now, but I’ve already got the cars I wanted from this case. I left Giant only with this photo..

ALMS / Laguna Seca
ford gt race
Image by al_green
No.54 Black Swan Racing Doran Ford GT-R on the Corkscrew – ALMS Laguna Seca, Monterey, California, USA. October 2008

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