1970 Ford Capri Mk I 3000GT images

ford gt race photos

1970 Ford Capri Mk I 3000GT
ford gt race
Image by Sicnag
Raw Orange.
While Ford America called the Mustang its Pony car, Ford of Englands Pony car was the Capri, (it was also built in Germany). The Capri got the same long hood, short deck styling, but no V8 of course, it got the engine from the Cortina.
This, the Mk I was built from 1969-74 (a facelift in 1970), most models had rectangular headlights
The German built cars got their V4 engines; 1300cc, 1500, 1700 and the 2300GT
In the UK it was the 1300 and 1600cc straight 4 cyl Kent, or the UK Essex 2000 V4 and Essex 3000 V6 GT
In 1970 the upmarket 3000E was available, and the race ready RS2600 (street version 2600GT).
1972 saw a facelift, headlights and tail lights were enlarged, OHV Kent engines replaced with OHC Pinto engines. The new 3000 GXL got 4 round headlights.
In 1973 the RS2600 was replaced with the RS3100.
The Mk I (pre facelift) was also produced in Australia from 1969-72. Models in Australia were; the 1600 Deluxe, the 1600GT, (later called the XL) and from 1970, this car, the 3000 V6 GT.
The Aussie GT Capri, like their GT Falcons, got blacked out bonnet, bonnet pins, bold side stripes and ‘Superoo’ decals.

1997 Ford EL Falcon GT Sedan
ford gt race
Image by Sicnag
Navy Blue.
The EL Falcon was a facelift on the 1994-96 EF Falcon
From 1992- 2002 Tickford Vehicle Engineering (TVE) built the performance versions of the Falcon for Ford Australia.
The XR6 and XR8 were built there during this period. It was also TVE that brought back the legendary Falcon GT. Firstly with the EB GT, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the GT Falcon and then with the EL GT, celebrating the 30th anniversary.
The EL GT elevated Australian grand touring to a level never before achieved. It bears an impeccable pedigree and introduces exciting state-of-the-art technology. More of a true Grand Tourer, than a road registered race car like the early GTs. It was impossible to miss an 1997 EL GT. With its Darth Vader grille and high-mount rear wing it could have come straight out of a sci-fi comic, but like the 1992 EB GT lacked the raw power of the earlier GTs. Along with the 17 in alloys and sports suspension, inside the EL GT was awash with luxury leather and woodgrain trim, along with a long list of creature comforts from the Fairmont Ghia
Engine; Tickford engineered 200kw 5.0 litre V8
272 EL GTs were made, 52 in Navy Blue, 63 in Heritage Green and 157 in Sparkling Burgundy

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